We’re well into the second quarter of the year, and as everybody gets ready for summer, it’s worth looking back at those new year’s resolutions, those goals you set for yourself, or for your company at the beginning of the year.

How far have you gotten towards reaching those goals? Have you stayed the course on the plans you made?

Now is a great time to recommit yourself to those goals, or even move the goal post if you have to — the important thing is to stay committed to the end zone while you still have a chance to make a difference.

As you move toward that end, it’s also important to remember who can help you get there.

Business associates, trusted advisors, family members, or friends — who is going to help keep you accountable for these goals?  Who can you call and ask for help along the way?

You still have more than half of this year to reach the finish line — no matter how far you’ve strayed from the goal — it’s never too late to step back, take stock of what you’ve done, reevaluate your plan, recommit yourself to that goal…

And don’t do it alone — get the help you need to win the game!