This week we’re talking about writing — actual writing, with a pen or a pencil.

So much of what we do these days is done on computers, smart phones, smart watches and tablets, that the art of physically writing things down is getting lost.

Did you know that writing things by hand actually makes your brain pay better attention to what you’re writing?

When we type notes in a meeting, we tend to type everything we’re hearing verbatim, but when you write by hand, your brain is forced to filter out the unnecessary stuff. You write down only the important things.

Writing down goals on paper also helps make your intentions more real, by committing them to paper, rather just typing on a phone or a tablet.

A handwritten thank you note or letter can also show someone the importance of what you’re trying to say, and that you took the time to say it.

So the next time you need to tell somebody something important, set a goal for yourself, or take more effective notes in a meeting - try doing it the old fashioned way, with a pen and paper.

You may just find the results more satisfying.