This week, I wanted to talk to you about company culture.

Recently, somebody brought to my attention a book called “You Win in the Locker Room First” by Jon Gordon and Mike Smith.

Just in the first chapter, I saw this quote -

Sometimes, success can be your worst enemy if you allow it to change your culture and approach.  If you focus on the fruit and ignore the root, the tree will die, but if you continue to care for the root and focus on your culture, process, people, and purpose, then you’ll always have a great supply of fruit!

Think about how that applies to your life, your work, and your family.

Just because things are going well doesn’t mean it’s ok to start getting a big head.

Things are probably going well because of the hard work you put in, and the culture that you established from the beginning. Keep going with that winning strategy, and don’t get distracted.

Sure, there are going to be things you need to change as your business or your family grows, but it’s critical to keep the same values as the scale grows.

My three pillars of success are attitude, passion and enthusiasm, and as my company has grown, as my family has grown, I’ve always kept those three things as tenants of my approach.