This week, we’re talking travel tech… specifically, the best apps for your trip.

I spend more than half of the year on the road, as many of you know, so I’m always using my phone to help keep up.

First, use your calendar app more effectively. You already use it to keep track of meetings, so why not use it to put in details of your flight, rental car, hotel reservation, and even dinner plans.

Most confirmation emails even come with a helpful calendar attachment, which will add your trip info to your phone’s calendar automatically once you click it.

If packing stresses you out, check out PackPoint. You can put in the details of your travel, click on some of the activities you’ll be doing while you’re there, and the app will generate a packing list for you. Going to the gym? It accounts for that. Is it going to snow? It knows that too, and adjusts accordingly.

You can add or delete certain items you don’t like, and it’ll remember your preferences for the next trip. Even better, it’s free.

If weather is on your list of concerns, look no further than the Weather Channel App.

It’s free, and using your phone’s GPS, it’ll automatically give you updated local weather.

What’s the big deal, they all do that, right? True, but The Weather Channel’s app will send you alerts with an exact time you can expect rain or snow to start - even if you didn’t know it was coming.

This one has saved me from getting rained on many times.

Finally, if you’re driving your way around for work trips, check out iExit. This free app will tell you which restaurants, hotels, gas stations and attractions you’ll find at every highway exit, so no more guessing.

Sure, those blue signs are helpful, but they can’t give you gas prices at the local gas stations, and they probably wont give you restaurant reviews either, but iExit will.

If you have a favorite chain restaurant, it’ll even alert you when you’re getting close to one of their stores…

Helloooo In-N-Out Burger!