This week we’re talking about a concept very near and dear to me — chasing excellence!

It’s not just the name of this video series, it’s an important thing to strive for every single day.

But how do you actually do it? One of my favorite authors, Jon Gordon, who we talk about a lot here, says the best way to chase excellence is to stop comparing yourself to others, and start comparing yourself to you.

The famous golfer, Jack Nicklaus says his secret to winning was to focus on playing the course, not playing the competition. What could he do at every single hole to make the best choices for that environment, and not worrying about what the other players were doing.

Comparing ourselves to others is a trap, Gordon says, and causes us to focus on everyone else’s gifts, talents and purpose, instead of our own.

So what is the challenge that lays ahead for you, and what gifts and talents do you have that can help you succeed?

Innovate around the things you or your company can do today to make your product the best it can be, rather than focusing on what your competition is doing.

What can you as a person do better today to make yourself healthier, happier or more successful? Don’t worry about what Frank in accounting is doing for himself today. Sorry, Frank.

When you truly chase excellence, rather than just trying to be better than the next guy, you’ll often find more success… and you wont waste so much mental energy worrying about what those around you are doing with their time.