Many people think leaders who are overly positive are soft, or don’t have a competitive spirit, but in my experience, just the opposite is true.

Positive leaders want to win, they just do it by inspiring their team to work hard.

So here are a few tips to help make become a more positive leader:

First, love your team, but also keep them accountable. You want your team to truly know you care about them and their success, but not at the risk of losing productivity or getting away with things.

Be demanding without being demeaning - get people to WANT work hard without beating them over the head with it.

Spend time connecting with individuals on your team and finding out what drives them… and then unite all of those individuals into a team that works well together.

The best way to make sure your team is focused is to lead with clarity - be clear about exactly what the end goal should be, and your team will have a much easier time achieving it.

And finally, lead with vision and purpose. Through the hard times, and the good… rally your team with the shared vision you all decided on, and help them see the greater purpose of their work.