FloydR0216-1931With more than 25 years of mortgage banking experience, Rick Floyd cherishes his role as a leader. As a Partner and Executive at Homebridge Financial Services, Inc., he oversees the company's sales, marketing, training and operations teams.

Personally, Rick is a football fanatic. In the pigskin-obsessed South, that may not make him unique. But, the principles he learned while playing the game as a child, and the lessons he's learned as a coach, have influenced Rick's business philosophies.

"It's your job as a leader to put your people in the best place to be successful," he says. "Just like on the football field, the best players may not be the fastest or strongest. Some are built for blocking and running and catching. As a leader, I've got to balance all those things so we're successful."

Rick emphasizes attitude, hard work and approach. Thus, the birth of "Chasing Excellence."

"I enjoy motivating people, and as a leader you need to know what drives someone," Rick says. "Sometimes people need that kick in the rear, so to speak, to get them motivated. Other people don't respond to that, but that's my job to figure out how to get you where we need to go together."

Join Rick on his quest to Chase Excellence!

Rick E. Floyd
Executive Vice President
Homebridge Financial Services, Inc.
200 Westpark Drive, Suite 300
Peachtree City, Georgia 30269
Office: 678.304.5608
Cell: 770.265.7760
Fax:  877.707.9926
E-mail: rfloyd@homebridge.com