We sit at our computers and on our phones all day long sending emails… but have you ever taken the time to think about an email strategy? How can you be sure your emails are effective?

I wanted to share helpful tips I got recently for writing better emails.

First, and most importantly, consider your audience. If you’re writing to people in your industry, it’s ok to use jargon, but if you’re writing to your customers, make sure to keep your message simple and clear.

Keep your emails short - around 150 words or so - and consider using bullet point lists to get your message across.

Keep an eye on the tone of your email too. It should be friendly and positive, but not over the top… Don’t overuse exclamation points, and don’t ever use emojis, unless that goes along with your brand’s image.

Make sure you’re clear about the call-to-action. Do you want people to email you back? Take a survey? Click a link? Be clear about what you want, and use the body of the email to drive to that point.

Make the email personal, but professional… like a conversation with a known business associate, but not too laid-back like you would with a friend.

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