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Get Your Attitude Actions Going

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Changing two little words in our sales vocabulary can make a big difference to our customers. This week Rick Floyd covers chapter three of Jeffrey Gitomers book The Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude. Tune in and find a simple tip that can make a big difference in our business. If you'd like a transcript of this weeks show, simply fill out the form on the right and we'll send it to you!

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Do You Have Attitude Self Awareness?

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Do You Have Attitude Self Awareness?  Tune in to this weeks Chasing Excellence show and find out!  Rick Floyd covers chapter two of The Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude! by Jeffrey Gitomer and give us a tip on how we can apply it to ourselves.  We hope you enjoy it and please feel free to subscribe, forward and share with others!

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Teaching Ourselves a Positive Attitude

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In the Mortgage and Real Estate business it's sometimes difficult to maintain a positive attitude.  In this episode of Chasing Excellence, Rick Floyd covers a portion of chapter one of the Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude!  by Jeffrey Gitomer.  Tune in and leave Rick some comments!  Please forward and share with others.

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