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The best of mobile power solutions

This week, we’re talking travel gadgets… specifically, the best portable power accessories.

I spend more than half the year on the road, and while I’m traveling, I do all of my business on my phone…

The problem is, I can never keep the battery charged. I’m always looking for the latest and greatest accessories out there, so here are a few I’ve found that you may like.

Two names are always at the top of my list, and those are Anker and Mophie.

You probably know Mophie as the company that makes those phone cases that’ll charge your phone when it dies… They’re making a new power pack called the PowerStation.

It’s slim, which helps reduce clutter in your back, but it’ll charge your phone a whopping 8 times before it needs a recharge. It’ll set you back about 70-bucks.

There’s also the Anker power core, which can charge your phone about 7 times, but it can actually charge your laptop one full charge cycle before you need to plug it in. Its also only about 45 bucks.

If you carry lots of devices with you - a tablet, a phone or two, and smartwatch… Check out Nomad’s Wireless Charging Hub… Lay your new iPhone or android on top to wirelessly charge, and plug the rest of your stuff into the five USB power points around the edge. It’s stylish too, but a little pricey at almost 80 bucks.

If you really need a ton of power on the road, and don't mind a larger package, check out the EcoFlow River.

Run a projector for 10 hours, charge your laptop up to 9 times, or your phone more than 30 times, this power bank will handle a lot of juice. It’s rechargeable in your hotel, your car, or even with an optional solar panel.

It’ll hold it’s charge for a full year on the go, but it will set you back about 600 bucks.

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Travel Much? Some Tips to Stay Awake

As many of you know I spend more than half of the year on the road… Airport lounges, different time zones, hotel breakfasts and uber rides…

All of it can get a little tiring… and yes, I do get tired!

But I wanted to share a few tips with you that I’ve picked up over the years for how to keep travel from getting you down.

First - hydrate. alot.

Airplanes recycle all of the air inside, and it can get dried out very quickly - that means almost certain dehydration for your body.

The experts say you should drink at least 8 ounce of water for every hour you fly to keep from getting dehydrated, so drink up!

Next up - warding off jet lag.

Researchers at NASA found that it takes our bodies a full 24 hours to adjust to each time zone we cross, so it’s no wonder we get exhausted on those long cross-country trips.

If your trip is short - three days or less - you might be better off staying on your home time. If you’re going for a longer trip, make sure you get enough sleep the night before you leave, and seek out sunlight in your new destination.

Readjusting to day and night works best when you show your body that it’s actually day or night… 

Finally, eat well.

We’re all tempted to eat fast food on the road; and most of us get less exercise too. The combination of those things makes you sluggish, tired and dehydrated. So make a conscious effort to stay away from salty and fatty foods and try to keep the alcohol to a minimum.

Happy trails!

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